Thursday, February 22, 2007


the body knows the way up
the side, but I do not. there
is fear, the groping search

for granite holds, little ledges
I can't see, the feel of my slick
shoes slipping, pebble rain

descending on the two holding
my harness steady. there
is panic and remorse. but

the body knows this
is coming; it dissolves
fear with long shots

of adrenaline that turns
burning muscles into
steel. this alchemy,

the last push, a deep
breath, and the summit
of it all, the view above

the trees, and the safe
slow drop, descent to earth,
back among friends and firm dirt.


gautami tripathy said...

Very good ending!

In-between state of consciousness

twilightspider said...

Fascinating! I love the idea of it being the body conquering the mind's fear and not vice-versa. A very visceral poem.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Vertigo! You caught exactly the fact that the body itself is more secure here than we know. Still terrifying though.