Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Of silverware, you are the pacifist,
never stabbing, never slicing,

content in fact to simply scoop.
Your curves, unashamed,

slip silently between the lips
of all who pick you up, and yet

you are never called a whore;
one repentant cycle through

the dishwasher,and you are pure
again, and ready for the hiding

place, the drawer full of brothers,
sisters, ornate and shiny-slick.


Carolee said...

love the line breaks and the shape of the poem itself is almost like a utensil. the "one repentant cycle" is spectacular, really. this metaphor is so vivid and so skillfully delivered that i had to keep reminding myself, "this is also true about utensils" because I was so mesmerized by the character you described.

thanks for sharing and congrats on getting published!

Jen Rouse said...

A fun poem. Made me smile. I think I have Oneida silverware myself.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Hee- the lovely spoon...
Yes, congratulations on being published! Woo hoo!

Remiman said...

Nicely crafted it reads with a lilt to it that is easy to sway to.
(while enjoying maple walnut icecream.)

Dennis said...

You win! This is my favorite poem using the prompt! "you are never called a whore" That's just so great in the context of this piece! Who would have ever thought these two things could go together - and that's why you win!

Jessica said...

This is very vivid and exact. I love the idea of the spoon as whore, sin getting rinsed away with each dishwasher trip. Great ending, too!

megan. said...

well good golly. thanks, everyone.

this is the nicest community ever.

gautami tripathy said...
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gautami tripathy said...

Very well done.

Parallel Streams

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the image of the spoon as the pacifist of the silverware!

Clockworkchris said...

Had something to say but the commments erased my thoughts and I just was left with the spoon as the pacifist. This was exactly what I had in mind with my optional idea of the week-using description but not the word, but not making it a riddle. Perfect! One of the best I've read, and this is approaching the 50th one now. Congradulations on the puplication. Who did you use to publish?

megan. said...

Actually, three of my poems were selected for a lit journal associated with my school's MFA program, which is a huge honor considering I'm an undergrad. I have to go to a reading in May, and I'm already really nervous about it.